GAAMAC III Briefing in Kampala, Uganda on 15 March 2018

21 March 2018
“History has demonstrated that no state is immune from atrocity crimes”, Ms. Mô Bleeker during the GAAMAC III Briefing in Kampala

GAAMAC held a Briefing, organized by the Royal Danish Embassy in Uganda and the Uganda Media Centre, on Thursday 15 March in Kampala. The event was aimed at raising awareness for the upcoming GAAMAC III Global Meeting, which will be held in Uganda from 23-25 May.

The event was well attended by members of the media, the diplomatic corps and government representatives. Many local and international civil society organizations were also present, including Safer World, International Refugee Rights Initiative, the International Center for Transitional Justice, Human Rights Network Uganda (HURINET), Chapter Four Uganda and Foundation for Human Rights Initiative.

The event was moderated by Ms. Lina Zedriga, Secretary of the Uganda National Committee on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide and Mass Atrocities. Ms. Zedriga warmly welcomed and introduced the four panelists, Ms. Samantha Mwesigye, Senior State Attorney of Uganda (Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs); Ms. Mô Bleeker, GAAMAC Chair; Ms. Lise Abildgaard Sorensen, Counselor at the Embassy of Denmark; and Mr. Dismas Nkunda, Vice Chairperson of the Uganda National Committee on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide and Mass Atrocities.

Ms. Mwesigye, speaking on behalf of the Government of Uganda, reiterated Uganda’s commitment to co-host GAAMAC III and cordially extended an invitation to state representatives, civil society organizations, academics, and media outlets to join in the opportunity to share expertise and lessons learned with governments and organizations.

Ms. Mô Bleeker thanked the Government of Uganda for accepting to co-host GAAMAC III and lauded the work of the Uganda National Committee for Genocide Prevention for fostering a ‘community of prevention’ in Uganda. She also highlighted the need to make atrocity prevention a reality on the ground through peer-to-peer support, sharing of information and provision of expertise among states and different organizations.

Ms. Abildgaard Sorensen confirmed the commitment of the Government of Denmark, a member of the GAAMAC Steering Group, to support the prevention of atrocities and GAAMAC III. Mr. Dismas Nkunda elaborated on the work of the Uganda National Committee and the importance of networks and meetings like GAAMAC III, which provide a platform for knowledge and experience-sharing with international actors from around the world.

Following the briefing, participants took the opportunity to network and informally discuss how to strengthen GAAMAC III and atrocity prevention.

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