Report of the United Nations Secretary-General on the Prevention of Genocide

28 June 2019
The United Nations Secretary-General submitted its report on the prevention of genocide (A/HRC/41/24) to the Human Rights Council (HRC), pursuant of HRC resolution 37/26.

The advanced unedited version of the report underlines that prevention is crucial to ensure that genocides never happen again, emphasizing that “an atrocity prevention lens must be a central element of our broader prevention efforts to protect populations from the most egregious atrocity crimes”.

The document mentions GAAMAC as part of the existing international initiatives that can contribute to strengthen capacities for the prevention of genocide and other atrocity crimes. It highlights GAAMAC’s role in “providing an open and global forum to facilitate greater international cooperation, networking, exchange of experiences, trusted peer-to-peer support, sharing of information and provision of expertise amongst States and organizations interested in operationalizing the prevention of atrocity crimes”.

Confirming the importance of GAAMAC’s mandate, the report also provides a series of recommendations to its members states, to the implementation of which GAAMAC can contribute. These include:

  • Building the capacity of national institutions to prevent or halt atrocity crimes
  • Joining existing or creating relevant regional or sub-regional initiatives on atrocity prevention.

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