Conflict in Ukraine heightened risks of mass atrocities

3 March 2022

For the last few days, GAAMAC has followed with great concern the events unfolding in Ukraine. As a community committed to the prevention of mass atrocities, it is acutely aware that conflict heightens the risks of, and may be conducive to, the potential commission of atrocities – as well as other gross violations of human rights and international humanitarian law.

The situation in Ukraine illustrates the need for all States, everywhere, to be equipped with national atrocity prevention mechanisms, to ensure they remain resilient even in unstable circumstances.

Many members of the GAAMAC community have expressed their concern and warned of the nexus between conflict and mass atrocities. Below is a non-exhaustive selection of statements, listed in order of release.

The situation rapidly evolving and we encourage readers to visit partners and members’ websites, and to stay connected to GAAMAC’s social channels, for the latest updates.

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