Statement on Michelle Bachelet’s end of term as High Commissioner for Human Rights

23 July 2022
As the end of her term approaches, GAAMAC thanks the High Commissioner for Human Rights for her commitment to atrocity prevention during her mandate.
GAAMAC is grateful for Ms Bachelet’s constant support to and engagement with GAAMAC. The High Commissioner notably addressed the community at the Chair handover ceremony in 2019 and at GAAMAC IV in 2021.

GAAMAC also recognizes the importance of the High Commissioner’s office for atrocity prevention. It hopes that an inclusive selection process will allow the identification of the most qualified candidates to take over Ms Bachelet. It calls, in particular, for the nomination of a candidate who is knowledgeable on and committed to prioritizing atrocity prevention as a permanent endeavour.

Michelle Bachelet will end her term as United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on 31 August 2022. She announced at the opening of the Human Rights Council’s 50th session that she would not to seek a second term.

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