Fourth Global Forum Against the Crime of Genocide took place in Yerevan, Armenia

1 January 2023
As a long-standing supporter of the genocide prevention agenda, Armenia, who is a partner of GAAMAC, has been at the forefront of international action for the strengthening of policies and practices against the crime of genocide, as well as building a global community network to advance the methods of prevention.

To this end, Armenia established the Global Forums Against the Crime of Genocide in regular observance of the International Day of the Victims of the Crime of Genocide and of the Prevention of this Crime, designated by the UN General Assembly Resolution 69/232, of which Armenia is the penholder.

Global Forums Against the Crime of Genocide have a primary purpose to form a platform for the exchange of views, experiences and perspectives on the prevention of genocides as well as exerting efforts to address various violations of human rights leading to mass atrocities. With time, they have developed into a unique venue to identify risk factors and early warning signs of genocide, preventing violence and conflict, and generating incentives for positive changes in the societies, as well as recovery and reconciliation.

The Fourth Global Forum focused on new and emerging technologies

On 12-13 December, 2022, Armenia hosted the Fourth Global Forum Against the Crime of Genocide in Yerevan, which brought together participants representing governments, human rights institutions, academia, IT sector and other relevant stakeholders.

The Forum was conducted with the support of UN Office on Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect and in cooperation with the International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS) and with the participation of GAAMAC.

Read the intervention of GAAMAC’s Chair Silvia Fernandez

The Forum discussed the role and the use of new and emerging technologies in preventing genocide and other mass atrocities, as well as the challenges related to the rise of disinformation and hate speech, including in the context of attacks against cultural property and the policies for the prevention of cultural destruction.

The discussions of the Forum have been summarized in the Declaration of Joint Action, where, inter alia, tools and mechanisms necessary for prevention of future mass atrocities have been reflected.

More information on the Forum is available at

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