GAAMAC spotlights atrocity prevention efforts in a briefing event in Geneva

28 November 2023
In a view to increase GAAMAC’s visibility in Geneva, an event was organized on 21 November to present GAAMAC’s mission and key activities to the international community.

The briefing event was led by Ambassador Shara Duncan, Deputy Permanent Representative of Costa Rica to the UN in Geneva. It provided an opportunity for the international community in Geneva to learn more about GAAMAC’s work and identify potential synergies. The event was attended mainly at the technical/expert level with representatives from 13 countries.

Since its inception in 2013, GAAMAC has offered a trusted space to talk about real issues, in which it is possible to share good practices, learn from successes and failures, and search together for concrete and feasible solutions.

In 2023, GAAMAC was joined by two new States, Chile and Slovenia, as partners. Three Civil Society Organizations also joined GAAMAC. Currently, GAAMAC counts 33 partners worldwide.

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