Meeting convened between Special Adviser for the R2P and GAAMAC Working Groups

30 May 2024
In April, a meeting between the Special Adviser on the Responsibility to Protect (R2P), and the Africa and the Asia Pacific Working Groups of GAAMAC was held online to exchange ideas and address concerns ahead of the upcoming R2P Report. 

This was the first time that GAAMAC organized a meeting between the Africa Working Group and the Asia-Pacific Working Group and the Special Adviser on the R2P.

Mô Bleeker, appointed in March as the new Special Adviser on the R2P, and members of GAAMAC Regional Initiatives discussed priorities of the upcoming Report, drawing special attention to the centrality to have the R2P be felt on the ground and to make atrocity prevention tangible from the ground up.

During the meeting, the Co-Chairs of the GAAMAC Asia Pacific Working Group highlighted the work that the group has undertaken in the past in documentation and analysis of current crises such as the 2021 Hate Speech Report, an in-depth study of drivers and dynamics of hate speech in the region.

In 2023, the “Training toolkit: establishing and managing national mechanisms for mass atrocity prevention,” published by the GAAMAC Africa Working Group in 2021, was mentioned in the Report on the R2P as a source of concrete examples of national mechanisms for atrocity prevention.

GAAMAC understands that national mechanisms are key for promoting local ownership and participation towards mass atrocity prevention. The inclusive and bottom-up approach presented by the Special Adviser was applauded by the Working Groups that emphasized their commitment in sharing experiences.

Mô Bleeker has chaired GAAMAC from its inception in 2013 until 2019. Read her profile here.

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