Bringing communities together

“What is really unique about GAAMAC is that it allows you to have (…) broader strategic conversations, to take the shared interest and move that forward as a larger agenda.”

    Akila Radhakrishnan
Former President of the Global Justice Center

For prevention efforts to be successful, it is essential to review existing policy frameworks and integrate an atrocity prevention perspective to the broader human rights protection, rule of law, governance and the security sector.

GAAMAC’s founders saw the limitations of the traditional approach to prevention, as a separate issue. Acknowledging the importance of breaking silos and mutual reinforcement, they envisioned a community that would combine and capitalize on efforts on genocide prevention, the responsibility to protect and  accountability, bringing them together under the umbrella of prevention.

Similarly, they wanted to bridge the traditional gap between States and civil society organizations, creating an inclusive space where common grounds could be found.

GAAMAC’s added value lies in bringing together a diverse range of actors. It has played a pivotal role in uniting the atrocity prevention community. Thanks to GAAMAC’s efforts, it has learned from other fields such as public health and the disaster risk reduction that prevention is the only solution: it saves lives and is cost-effective.

What does GAAMAC do?

GAAMAC establishes dialogues between States and civil society, connecting actors who would not otherwise cross path.

Through its resource library and the research papers, manuals and guides it publishes, it shares the knowledge and experience within and beyond its community.

GAAMAC also holds an index of organizations active in the field of atrocity prevention.

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