Africa-Middle East Regional Forum

6 September 2022 –

7 September 2022

The Africa-Middle East Regional Forum will provide regional insights, which will feed into the thematic work of the Special Rapporteur for his report to the 52nd session of the UN Human Rights Council in March 2023. Furthermore, discussions will inform the work and recommendations of the 15th session of the Forum on Minority Issues, which will take place in Geneva in December 2022.

Specific objectives include:

  • Identify how the existing global and regional minority protection regimes (norms, institutions and mechanisms) can be improved to be more effective at preventing and addressing domestic minority rights violations and at the promotion of minority rights;
  • Assess the ways regional forums can bridge the gaps between domestic, regional and global protection regimes;
  • Design action plans and platforms for local, regional and global civil society cooperation for the effective implementation of minority rights;
  • Based on the presentations and discussions held at the regional forums, develop specific recommendations to address the gaps identified in relation to the improvement and effectiveness of the global and regional minority protection regimes.
  • Provide an opportunity for all stakeholders to exchange good practices in promoting the rights of minorities in the region

The Africa-Middle East Regional Forum shall be open to the participation of states; intergovernmental organizations including United Nations agencies and mechanisms; national human rights institutions and other relevant national bodies; academics and experts on minority issues; representatives of minorities as well as civil society organizations specializing in minority issues.

Participation is open to individuals involved in minority issues in the Africa-Middle East region (see list of eligible countries at the bottom of the website) and with a clear focus and expertise on the promotion and protection of the human rights of minorities.

Registration will close at 11pm CEST, Monday 31 August 2022.

Simultaneous interpretation is anticipated in Amazigh, Arabic, English, French and International Sign Language.


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