Forming a Collective International Response to Non-State Armed Groups

28 July 2022

10AM (ET)


Join the Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP) for a conversation exploring how the international community can shape a cooperative response to the central challenges and threats from non-state armed groups around the world.

Building off of the recent Atlantic Council publication, Toward a Framework for Transatlantic Cooperation on Non-State Armed Groups, this event will discuss a broad framework outlining how donors, governments, civil society, and researchers can respond to threats from non-state armed groups in a way conducive to sustainable peace and security. Speakers will identify criteria deciding which kinds of groups can be engaged with, analyze burden-sharing through sharing of common objectives among the international community, and elaborate through case studies from various geographic regions such as Latin America, the Sahel, and the Middle East.

To attend in-person at AfP’s offices (1800 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Suite 401), please email Nick Zuroski.

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