How Faith-based Peacebuilding Organizations are Navigating the Rise of Nationalism

20 April 2022


Recent years have seen an increase in influence of leaders, political parties, and discourse promoting exclusionary forms of nationalism. This growing influence can be seen in the success of Marine Le Pen in the recent elections in France, the “America First” policies promoted by the former U.S. president Donald Trump, and the military coup in Myanmar.Religious peacebuilding organizations are often at the forefront of efforts to build solidarity and social cohesion and promote cross cultural dialogue, inclusion, pluralism, diversity, and social justice. This rise of nationalism has thus had an inordinate impact on their work. Join the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy and the Alliance for Peacebuilding to  hear from practitioners about how they are navigating the rise of exclusionary nationalism. Learn about the strategies they are using to continue to promote inclusion, cross-cultural engagement, pluralism, and solidarity during a challenging era.

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