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GAAMAC promotes Regional Initiatives constituted of actors from different countries and contexts, joining efforts to make specific, concrete contributions to atrocity prevention at the national level. Two of these initiatives have evolved into “Regional Working Groups”, in Africa and the Asia Pacific.

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Whenever possible, Regional Initiatives/Working Groups include representatives of governments, civil society, academia, experts and practitioners. They may collaborate on exchange of best practices, policy development, webinars, research, trainings, etc.

Each Regional Initiative/Working Group sets its own priorities, in accordance with local needs and in line with the GAAMAC Founding Document. They function autonomously but cross-fertilization is encouraged. Every two years at Global Meetings, Regional Initiatives/Working Groups share their work with the whole GAAMAC community. The Support Office in Geneva assists the Initiatives/Working Groups in their activities.


Any state, non-government organization and academic institution involved in atrocity prevention is eligible to become a partner.

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