How we work

Our vision

A world free from mass atrocities, through effective and early prevention.

Our mission

To engage and support the States everywhere to protect their populations from atrocity crimes.

Three levels, one purpose

GAAMAC is an incubator of new ideas to promote the awareness of atrocity prevention, encourage the coordination among prevention actors and the gradual development of national prevention mechanisms. It provides the contacts and links between resource seekers and resource offerors, in terms of funding, knowledge, experience and technical expertise.

Every two years, GAAMAC holds Global Meetings that convene hundreds of participants from over 50 States with a balanced representation based on the regions and gender. They are open to current community members as well as prospective ones, invited guests and experts. Global Meetings are a forum to learn and share ideas and establish guidance principles for GAAMAC. They have generated activities at the regional level, referred to as “Regional Initiatives” or “Regional Working Groups”.

GAAMAC promotes Regional Initiatives (two of which have evolved into “Regional Working Groups”) that translate its global vision into culturally relevant, concrete initiatives. These Initiatives have emerged from community members themselves at Global Meetings. A special emphasis is placed on South-South exchange of expertise, cooperation, and ownership.

Ultimately, GAAMAC seeks to make the prevention of mass atrocities a reality on the ground. It encourages States to develop permanent national prevention mechanisms and policies through meetings, trainings and publications.


Any state, non-government organization and academic institution involved in atrocity prevention is eligible to become a partner.

GAAMAC activities

GAAMAC’s activities adapt to respond to the needs within the prevention community. Here are some examples:

Trainings and awareness-raising

Events and conferences


Global Meetings

More examples of activities can be found in the Regional Initiatives/Working Groups page

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