Any State, non-government organization and academic institution involved in atrocity prevention is eligible to become a partner of GAAMAC.

Prospective partners should simply demonstrate an interest in or commitment to atrocity prevention and endorse GAAMAC’s Founding Document. Partnerships are free, although financial and in-kind support is welcome.

Download our pamphlet for a quick overview of GAAMAC’s work


What can GAAMAC offer?


  • Being part of the GAAMAC community provides a platform to amplify the messages and priorities of your State/organization within the atrocity prevention community. You will for example contribute content for GAAMAC’s newsletter and website.


  • You will also be kept informed and invited to GAAMAC´s events, including as sponsor or as panelists.


  • You will have access to participate in or initiate activities and lean into the network’s operational workplan. You will also be able to take an active role in Global Meetings and, if relevant, regional/local meetings.


  • You will contribute to and benefit from GAAMAC’s role as a connector and enabler: you will have access to a diverse community of actors worldwide, from high-level experts and policy makers to grassroot community representatives. You may also be linked, as appropriate, with potential donors.


  • You will benefit from the help of the GAAMAC Support Office to conduct your activities.


  • GAAMAC is an inclusive and horizontal network: application is free and red tape minimal.

Contact the Support Office to apply now

Application process

In the spirit of horizontality and inclusivity, GAAMAC makes its application process as simple as possible. An application letter, addressed to the Chair and sent to the Support Office, is enough.

Find out more

Applications will be reviewed by the Steering Group periodically. Applicants will be informed of the decision via email. We are also happy to answer any question on the application process or on GAAMAC’s work.

Regional Working Groups memberships are subject to a different application process. Regional Initiatives do not have formal members but may collaborate with local actors on an ad hoc basis. Please get in touch with the Support Office if you wish to know more.

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