Nine models of national mechanisms for atrocity prevention by AIPR

25 Jun 2015 16:6

On June 9, 2015, the Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation (AIPR) launched the first edition of National Mechanisms for the Prevention of Genocide and other Atrocity Crimes Booklet

National Mechanisms are officially established State bodies that include representatives from different areas of government relevant to the prevention of atrocity crimes. The formation of National Mechanisms represents a new trend in the prevention of mass atrocities among States. They aim to develop a unified national policy platform towards prevention and to operationalize preventive action within government. The booklet highlights a cross section of States that have officially established their Mechanisms, as well as States where Mechanisms are in initial stages of development. Based upon interviews with members of nine National Mechanisms from Africa, North America, and Latin America, the booklet explores the history, mandates, structure and outputs, if any, of these critical inter-departmental and/or inter-ministerial bodies devoted to prevention.

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