Corporación Humanas
Year of joining GAAMAC: 2022

Corporación Humanas was founded in 2005 as a research center with the mission to promote and defend women’s human rights, international humanitarian law and gender justice.

It is inspired by the values of the universality of human rights; democracy as a guide to build egalitarian relationships in ways of thinking, feeling and acting; diversity, as the recognition of multiple social realities; cooperation with groups of similar interests; and transparency in the management of resources, information and accountability.

Corporación Humanas identifies and analyzes the multiple forms of discrimination and violence against women in Colombia in order to generate actions of advocacy, training and communication to help change this situation. As part of its researching, it identified obstacles face by women in their access to justice, which allow recommendations and observations to fulfill the right to live a life free from violence.

Corporación Humanas looks beyond the threshold of armed conflict, focusing on atrocity prevention and the protection of civilian populations around the world. Its recent work at the Colombian Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) includes a number of projects directly related to atrocity prevention, response, and accountability.

This includes research aimed at better articulating the preventive obligations of States under international law, at developing and supporting the adoption of preventive tools, strategies, and platforms, and at furthering the development of international legal and policy standards.

In 2021, Corporación Humanas co-researched the policy paper of GAAMAC’s Americas Initiative, Lessons learnt from armed conflicts in Colombia and Guatemala to prevent violence against girls and women.

Humanas agrees with the principles of GAAMAC and sees in it an opportunity to join efforts to prevent sexual violence against women and demand that States fulfill their responsibility to protect people from heinous crimes. We are sure that by being part of GAAMAC, we will be able to continue working with greater success in understanding the causes that underlie atrocious crimes, a fundamental step to be able to prevent them.”

Luz Piedad Caicedo, Co-Director

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