Impunity Watch
Year of joining GAAMAC: 2020

Impunity Watch (IW) is an international non-profit human rights organisation, seeking to promote accountability for past atrocities, notably in countries emerging from a violent past. IW analyses, advocates, and partners with others to help local communities get accountability for gross human rights abuses and for systemic injustice. In doing so, it focuses on victims, survivors, and the most marginalised. IW seeks to strengthen their involvement in justice processes, and to put its skills, resources, and networks at the service of all who fight impunity, working directly with local civil society and victim groups.

In seeking accountability for past atrocities and gross human rights violations, Impunity Watch addresses the root causes of injustice and builds alliances with national and international actors, primarily victim groups and civil society in the fight against impunity.

Being a part of GAAMAC has allowed Impunity Watch to participate in a broad space to reflect on different issues based on our research, including on the role masculinities and militarisation in human rights violations.

There is a shared interest between Impunity Watch and GAAMAC to prevent atrocities and gross human rights violations. Getting justice for past atrocities, and strengthening victim groups in their involvement in justice processes, is a key element in preventing atrocities from happening again.”

Marlies Stappers, Executive Director, Impunity Watch

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