Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies
Year of joining GAAMAC: 2017

The Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (MIGS) is leading research and advocacy institute for genocide and atrocity prevention in Canada. It conducts in-depth research and proposes concrete policy recommendations to resolve conflicts before they degenerate into atrocities. MIGS has achieved recognition for its role as an idea and leadership incubator working with a wide range of national and international actors.

GAAMAC and MIGS share a common mandate and spirit: preventing genocide and mass atrocities, combatting hate speech on and offline, and working with a variety of actors from around the globe. GAAMAC allows MIGS to work with NGOs and individuals from around the globe, and to strengthen its voice on the international stage.

Thanks to its collaboration with GAAMAC, MIGS has been able to build new contacts and to strengthen its network and voice. MIGS and GAAMAC are strong partners that have shown an excellent ability to work together to reach their common goals.”

Kyle Matthews, Director

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