Platform for Peace and Humanity
Year of joining GAAMAC: 2021

Platform for Peace and Humanity is an international civic association of young professionals promoting peace and humanity in the world by resorting to instruments and mechanisms of international law. The three pillars of work of the Platform include research, advocacy and awareness-raising.

In partnership with other civil society organisations and volunteers, it aims to develop and implement projects focused on protecting human rights, facilitating international justice, preventing atrocity crimes, fostering peace around the world, ensuring compliance with international law and contributing to its progressive development.

The Platform also provides commentaries and legal perspectives on international justice issues, and assists individuals and organisations who find themselves in situations regulated by norms of international law.

Intersections with GAAMAC’s mandate

GAAMAC and Platform for Peace and Humanity share the vision of working for a more just and peaceful world led by international law and the protection and promotion of human rights by strengthening the current legal framework and by implementing national and international strategies.

GAAMAC finds in Platform for Peace and Humanity a partner seeking to reinforce the present connection between human rights and international criminal law regimes. Conversely, GAAMAC provides a forum for exchange, dialogue, and dissemination of learning and good practice prevention as well as monitoring, research and awareness raising which are essential parts of the Platform.

We are glad to cooperate with GAAMAC, as a unique global forum it facilitates greater international cooperation and experience exchange. GAAMAC and its staff are always keen to link stakeholders, organizations and experts through collaboration, assistance and dialogue. We are also grateful about the inclusive approach of GAAMAC on giving visibility and support to younger professionals.”

Rastislav Šutek, Executive Director

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