Rights for Peace
Year of joining GAAMAC: 2019

Rights for Peace (RfP) is a human rights organisation working to prevent mass atrocity crimes in fragile States and to support survivor-led advocacy for reparations and other forms of redress. At the core of our mandate is supporting, collaborating with, and building the capacities of local organisations.

In times of conflict or transition, human rights organisations overwhelmingly report violations and seek accountability, with little attention on preventing, mitigating patterns of violations, or linking justice efforts with prevention. RfP combines legal advocacy with human rights education, training and research on countering divisions (focusing on early intervention on hate-based violations) and victims’ rights.

The work of Rights for Peace relates to the mission and approaches of GAAMAC with multiple areas of synergy. It contributes to atrocity prevention in several ways, including by training activists and civil society to monitor, report and counter hate speech and incitement, and by advocating for legal and other societal changes to counter discrimination. GAAMAC’s mission also highlights that dealing with the past and taking steps to end impunity with a view to preventing the recurrence of atrocity crimes is an important part of atrocity prevention, which chimes with the way RfP views its work on transitional justice.

RfP partnered with GAAMAC in January 2021 for the launch of its ‘Guide to Hate Violations in International Law’, a practitioners’ guide to hate-based human rights violations. It welcomed the opportunity to share its findings with the GAAMAC community.

“GAAMAC provides our work with much appreciated support, visibility and opportunities for collaboration. GAAMAC also provides specific expertise, for example in relation to national atrocity prevention mechanisms, which has been useful for our work. We look forward to continued collaboration with GAAMAC and its platform.”

Mariana Goetz, Founder & Director

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