The Sentinel Project
Year of joining GAAMAC: 2020

The Sentinel Project is a non-governmental organization dedicated to assisting communities threatened by mass atrocities worldwide through direct cooperation with the people in harm’s way and the innovative use of technology.

The Sentinel Project’s efforts have included monitoring online hate speech and engaging people in countering the spread of harmful rumours and misinformation that exacerbate intercommunal conflict in places like Kenya, Myanmar, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, and South Sudan. It is also working to develop a new approach to early warning that can identify subnational regions at risk of atrocities.

The Sentinel Project occupies a unique position in the atrocity prevention field since it prioritises working on the ground with the people in harm’s way in order to directly reduce the risk of violence. At the same time, because much of this work is innovative, it generates knowledge about new tools and techniques which can be used by others in the field. This aligns with GAAMAC’s mission, especially elements related to fostering peer learning, collaboration, and networking. GAAMAC therefore provides an important mechanism for the Sentinel Project to both promote and enhance its work.

Sentinel Project staff members have attended and spoken at GAAMAC Global Meetings in Manila, Kampala, and online, giving them opportunities to raise the profile of their work while also making connections within the global community that GAAMAC is building.

“As a small but growing organization, it is important for the Sentinel Project to actively cooperate with others around the world who are also dedicated to preventing and mitigating mass atrocities. Becoming a GAAMAC partner has enabled us to effectively engage with others in the GAAMAC network in order to exchange valuable knowledge and learn about different contexts. GAAMAC has been very supportive of the Sentinel Project’s activities and has been proactive in offering new opportunities for collaboration.”

Christopher Tuckwood, Director

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