The Post-Conflict Research Center
Year of joining GAAMAC: 2019

The Post-Conflict Research Center (PCRC) is a peacebuilding NGO dedicated to restoring a culture of peace and preventing violent conflict in the Western Balkans by creating, implementing, and supporting unconventional, multidisciplinary, and innovative approaches to peace education, post-conflict research, human rights, and transitional justice. PCRC trains and supports local organizations in monitoring risk factors associated with intergroup violence and mass atrocities and is focused on preventing and stopping localized threats and manifestations of violence before they escalate.

In 2017, PCRC saw an opportunity to build upon the capacity and utility of our annual genocide prevention seminars and together with 30 leading Western Balkans civil society organizations established the Western Balkans Coalition for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Crimes Prevention (CGMAP). Initially supported by the United Nations Office on Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect (UNOGPRP), CGMAP works to connect and facilitate collaboration amongst participating civil society organizations as they develop and carry out programs that identify, assess, respond to, and prevent atrocities within their communities.

As a partner of GAAMAC, PCRC has access to a unique platform, network, and international outreach to further expand our work in genocide and atrocity crime prevention. In this work, we believe GAAMAC is one of our most important partners in Europe and internationally.”

Velma Saric, Founder and President

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