The West African Transitional Justice Centre
Year of joining GAAMAC: 2022

The West African Transitional Justice Centre (WATJCentre) is a not-for-profit organization established in 2020 with its headquarters in Nigeria. WATJCentre has been primarily established as a centre for research and programming on transitional justice within the West African corridor, with the aim of influencing policy and learning on the African Continent and globally.

The mission of GAAMAC aligns with the goal of WATJCentre to proffer technical solutions to governments in the region regarding the design and implementation of transitional justice mechanisms, including the prevention of mass atrocity crimes, to influence good governance and sustainable development in the region.

WATJCentre focuses on phases of transitional justice; deradicalization, demobilization and reintegration of militias in West and Central Africa; framing accountability mechanisms in Africa; and strengthening alternative traditional institutions to help foster the prevention of mass atrocities. It also worked on evaluating the processes, procedures and implementation of truth commissions in West Africa through our Truth Commission Series.

Being a partner of GAAMAC enables us to engage with the best in the field, as well as provide a platform for networking and collaboration with experts to further strengthen our organization. We leverage on the partnership to work towards the effectiveness of embedded atrocity prevention clauses in national documents across the African continent; and work towards their incorporation where they are missing.”

Philip Ademola Olayoku, Coordinator

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