Regional and Thematic Initiatives

What are Initiatives in the GAAMAC community?

Regional and Thematic Initiatives are groups of actors from different countries and contexts who decide to join efforts and make a specific, concrete contribution to atrocity prevention at the national level. For example, they may collaborate on exchange of best practices, policy development, webinars, reports, research, and trainings.

Initiatives include whenever possible representatives of government, civil society, academia, experts and practitioners. Their work must be in line with the GAAMAC founding document. An Initiative can focus on a thematic topic, a country or have a regional focus.

Why are Initiatives relevant to GAAMAC’s work?

GAAMAC’s main added value lies in bringing together diversity of actors, acting as a connector that enables states and existing networks to cooperate with each other. Initiatives have emerged during GAAMAC global meetings to foster these dynamics at a local level: they contribute to better equip actors on a regional and national level who see to engage in atrocity prevention, and promote nationally-owned prevention architectures, complementary to existing regional and multilateral efforts. These regional or thematic communities of commitment also seek to increase South-South exchange of expertise, cooperation, and ownership.

For example:

  • The Africa Working Group has elaborated a Manual on Best Practices for the Establishment and Management of National Mechanisms for Genocide and Mass Atrocities Prevention. It has been disseminated in regional organizations hubs in Africa and in other regions of the continent with the view to enhancing South-South exchange and cooperation. The aim is building expertise on and knowledge about national prevention mechanisms with the view to strengthening support and political will for permanent national prevention systems in the African region. In 2021, a Training Toolkit was produced to facilitate the enactment of the Manual. 

  • The Asia Pacific Study Group has produced a report on preventing hate speech, incitement, and discrimination in the region. This study documents and compiles existing practices on how governments and CSOs address hate speech in the Asia Pacific region. and will demystify how to establish early warning mechanisms. It also shares recommendations on how to best prevent hate speech, incitement, and discrimination and promote a constructive management of diversity.

  • The recently established Americas Working Group has elaborated a policy brief "Lessons learnt from armed conflicts in Clombia and Guatemala to prevent violence against girls and women", available in English and Spanish

  • A Europe Working Group is also in the making.


The GAAMAC Support Office offers the following support to Initiatives:

  • Ensure that all Initiatives have access to and can use the MyGAAMAC platform and that their products are shared on the GAAMAC website.
  • Ensure access to the resource library.
  • Ensure access to other Initiatives and members of the SG for feedback, knowledge exchange, and to liaise with experts on specific issues or countries if desired.
  • Support the organization of webinars and in-person or virtual meetings when needed and as feasible to exchange and collaborate with peers for consultations or dissemination of results and other similar goals.
  • Support in relationship with potential funders when needed (for example, when applicable, by identifying relevant donors, drafting budgets and reviewing grant applications as well as other elements requested by donors).
  • Other support may be available upon request.