Srebrenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Organized By : The Post-Conflict Research Center (PCRC)

The Post-Conflict Research Center (PCRC) is organizing, in cooperation with the Srebrenica Memorial Center, the third edition of the Srebrenica Youth School in Srebrenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

The school will bring together young people from the Western Balkans, Europe, and the world to learn from regional and global experts about transitional justice, memorialization and historical narrative building, human rights, and prevention of genocide and mass atrocities during an eight-day program, from July 5 to 13. 

The deadline for applying is June 17, 2022.

The school is designed for 50 students aged between 18 and 30. The working language is English. The costs of accommodation, transportation (from BiH and the Western Balkans region), food, and materials for selected participants will be covered by the organizers.

Application form and more information here

London, UK

The Minority Rights Group, in collaboration with the Coalition for Religious Equality and Inclusive Development (CREID) is launching a pioneering toolkit which highlights the dangers of hate speech against those of a faith or no faith and provides practical ideas about how to challenge and counter the circulation of online and offline hate.

The event takes place in London on 5 July 2022, from 16:45 – 17:45PM (BST), as part of the Civil Society Fringe Events for the International Ministerial Conference on Freedom of Religion or Belief.

Register here. 


The Yazidi Justice Committee (YJC) invites to attend this High-Level Panel that will concern the launch of a major international report advancing the issue of state responsibility for the Yazidi genocide with contributions from leading practitioners and prominent politicians.

The Panel is Co-Sponsored by the APPG for the Prevention of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity and the APPG on the Yazidis.

The event will be held under the 2022 International Ministerial Conference to Promote Freedom of Religion or Belief hosted by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

Online, on Wednesday, 6 July 2022, 2PM (BST)

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Barcelona, Spain

Organized By : International Center for Transitional Justice

The International Center for Transitional Justice and the Barcelona International Peace Centre (BIPC) will offer an Intensive Course on Transitional Justice, Violent Conflict, and Sustainable Peace. 

This intensive course from ICTJ examines the entirety of the relationship between transitional justice, violent conflict, and sustainable peace. This includes the nature of justice claims and initiatives while conflict is ongoing, the dynamics of addressing past abuses during peace negotiations and processes, and the contributions of addressing the past to prevention and peacebuilding in the aftermath of war. The focus of the course allows for an exploration of the processes and objectives of transitional justice, the continued evolution of the field and its role in different contexts, and its strategic value as a policy tool in the sustainable peace and development agendas.

The aim is to provide course participants with a firm grounding in transitional justice efforts and insight into the challenges and opportunities of helping to avoid the recurrence of human rights violations, violence, violent conflict, and authoritarianism.

The course takes place from October 3-7, 2022 at Sant Felip Neri House in Barcelona, Spain. It will start at 9:00 AM CET on Monday and end around 3:30 PM CET on Friday.

The program is targeted at mid-career and senior staff at multilateral agencies, governments, NGOs, foundations, universities, as well as researchers and others directly involved in peacebuilding, conflict and post-conflict contexts around the world.

Applications will be accepted until Sunday, September 4, 2022.

More information here.