Vision 2022-2024

In November 2021, GAAMAC’s Steering Group adopted the strategic policy “Vision 2022-2024”. They agreed to the following concrete means of mobilization.

  • Continue to implement a comprehensive communications and outreach strategy (with a main focus on consolidating and enhancing virtual tools, channels, and practices for GAAMAC’s community of commitment) to enhance understanding of early and permanent prevention. Taking stock of past experience the campaign shall continue to include the dissemination of information, research papers and newsletters, and support GAAMAC’s community in the organization of online seminars, trainings, and other events. 
  • Continue to organize GAAMAC Global Meetings and offer a “big tent” space. GAAMAC Global Meetings convene States and civil society actors involved in atrocity prevention every two years to exchange, learn, strengthen political awareness, and mobilize political will. GAMAAC seeks to provide a space, a “big tent” to States, academia and civil society, and international and regional organizations to reflect on how to mainstream prevention of mass atrocities as a permanent endeavour rather than a mere reaction to violence with the view to promoting the establishment of national mechanisms to make prevention a reality on the ground.
  • In 2022-2024, GAAMAC will continue to convene its community of commitment in between Global Meetings through webinars, exchanges of best practices and research studies, trainings, awareness-raising events etc.
  • Continue to foster and support concrete initiatives (such as Regional / Thematic Initiatives) with tangible results to further build knowledge, expertise, good practices in atrocity prevention at national level. Regional / Thematic Initiatives will play a forefront role in contextualizing atrocity prevention and securing political will and support, for instance through their connection to National Committees and other official bodies.
  • Continue its outreach and networking efforts to mobilize and increase political will:

– Develop new specific themes in light of the results of GAAMAC IV and in consultation with Regional / Thematic Initiatives and partners.

– Increase substantive engagement in GAAMAC (strengthen the level of substantive engagement of existing partners and alliances).

– Consolidate existing key informal alliances.

– Maximize the use of the virtual platform of engagement.

  • Continue resource mobilization efforts for atrocity prevention. The priority remaining to diversify funding for both core and activities-based costs.

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