Who we are

The Global Action Against Mass Atrocity Crimes (GAAMAC) is a State-led network of States, civil society and academic institutions committed to preventing atrocities worldwide.


States have the primary responsibility to prevent atrocities. GAAMAC supports States in establishing national mechanisms and policies for permanent prevention. Its long term goal is for each State to be equipped domestically to prevent atrocities.


GAAMAC is a female-led, horizontal network, acting as an enabling connector between States, civil society and academic institutions. It is a platform where actors can come together, share experience and cooperate with each other.


GAAMAC’s community shares good practices, expertise and experiences, jointly learning from successes and failures and looking for concrete and feasible solutions.


GAAMAC is an incubator of new ideas and local initiatives to prevent atrocities. Its unique composition allow States, civil society actors and academic institutions to establish creative synergies they could not have elsewhere.

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Any state, non-government organization and academic institution involved in atrocity prevention is eligible to become a partner.

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